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               About Us 


“Career Bridge” is a recruitment company based in Xi'an, China. We have been working with a large number of EFL teachers from all over the world and provide them with many satisfying positions with a competitive salary all over China. We represent teachers' interests when negotiating with schools and we try to have schools to make the most convenient contracts for our teachers.  In turn, we guarantee that our teachers are only professionals. That's why we are reliable partners to the schools we collaborate with, and big friends to our teachers.  


     Why choose us to be your partner?

1. Safety. Satisfying schools' and teachers' needs - is the main mission we try to accomplish. We are responsible for every teacher who comes here through our agency. Your safety is our priority. We are in touch 24/7. We work only with those schools which are licensed to provide work visa. All of our partners reliable and safe. 

2. Good reputation. We have earned a good reputation from both EFL teachers and the schools. We are in touch with all of our teachers on an individual level basis. We will never delay with responding to your requests and we will always get you updated. Every teacher who decided to work with us would receive an individual approach, we will become your personal agents. No fees will be charged for this. 

3. Big database. We have more than 50 schools and kindergartens all around China in our database. Therefore, we always can find the most suitable job for you.  

4. Always in touch. For us, it's very important to make you feel comfortable while you are in China. We not only provide our teachers with work, but we also make every effort not to make them feel lonely. So we always try to organise different activities gathering our teachers together.  Since the first day till your leaving China, we are always in touch for you! Moreover, when you just arrive in China, we will help you to adapt to the new local life. As for instance,  we provide you with the local SIM-cards, help you to connect to the Internet, so you would be in touch with your relatives right after you had just arrived in China. It would be a big pleasure for us to help with everything that you need. 


                                                                                       Our Core

We love what we do and we do it professionally and we really think that we bring something valuable to this world, since we contribute to transcultural education by building the bridge between East and West. We believe that making people all over the world closer to each other makes the world better. Every day we meet very interesting people, it makes our work filled with positive emotions and it does not stay still.  


1. The salary in the schools is ranged between 15K - 25K Chinese yuan (approx $ 2200 - $3500), we will find the best deal for you. 

2. Free housing or housing allowance.

3. Free medical insurance.

4. Covering back home flight tickets after one year contract is finished.

5. Paid holidays.

 Basic job requirements

1. Bachelor degree from an accredited university.

2. TEFL or TESOL or CELTA certificate or at least two years of working experience. ​

3. Creative, out-going and friendly persons are welcomed.

4. The teacher should have the ability to make his own teaching plan.

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