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Yantai, Nantong

"Best learning English" is a children's English training institution founded in 2009 based on “English Immersion”. It belongs to Beijing Melody Education Technology Development Co., Ltd. Best learning English fully introduced the advanced teaching concept of the United States, the American education system, the original "American kindergarten stage", "American primary school stage", "American junior high school preparatory class" to China. The mainstream core curriculum system, foreign teachers with
international qualifications, strong R&D team and the complete teaching supervision and training system ensure the excellent and professional teaching quality, so that children can “study in the United States” without leaving China. At present, Best learning English has established more than 60 sub-centers across
the country, serving more than 60,000 families.

Best learning Yantai Baoli Mall Center

Best learning Yantai Baoli Mall Center located in Yantai, like a pearl shinning on Shandong Peninsula, Yantai lies along the Yellow and Bohai seas, bordering Liaodong Peninsula, Japan and South Korea across the sea.
Yantai is an important center in the circum-Bohai-Sea area. It serves as a logistics hub connecting theBeijing-Tianjin Economic Circle, Yangtze River Delta and the Northeast Asia Economic Rim. It is also a gateway city to Japan and South Korea. The city was regarded by the American magazine Forbes as one of the most favorable for logistics development. Yantai has received many honors, such as "UN-Habitat Scroll of Honor", "China's Model City of Human Settlement", "Top 10 Chinese Cities for Living Quality", "China's Top 10 Leisure Cities", "‘Golden City' for Investment Environment", "One of the Most Valuable Cities for Multi-National Companies”, "Chinese City Most Favorable for Logistics Development" by Forbes, "International Vine & Wine City", "Most Charming Chinese City", "Best Tourism City", "Model City for
Comprehensive Management of Public Security" and "Model City for Environmental Protection".

More than 100,000 foreign business people and their families have settled in Yantai, along with their businesses. They enjoy living and working in Yantai.



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