Dotkids Edu, Beijing


“Dotkids Education” was founded in 2004. It is professional company which runs English teaching programs for children in Beijing, China. “Dotkids Education” is comprised of 3 afterschool learning centers and 1 full-day international kindergarten. It also coordinates teachers sharing with multiple local kindergartens. We have 30 full time foreign teachers, and over 170 Chinese



Company introduction


“Dotkids Education” rakes teaching very seriously. We have our own Research&Development department for new curriculum. We have a great staff. Our president, Tina Ma, has written and published 6 sets of children English books.

Our curriculum is always professional and always striving to be better. If you like kids and you like to teach them English, “Dotkids” is the right Place for you!









































Sample pictures of apartments we can provide to our teachers. All of the apartments will be equipped with the Internet, furniture and appliance.













“Dotkids” teaching curriculum 





















Job Description Overview


1. Schedule: 36 teaching/working hours per week with one weekday off.

2. Location: Beijing

3. Student ages: 3-15 years old. Your primary teaching role is helping students refine their speaking English skills and basic reading ability. “Dotkids” teachers must be energetic and bring a lot of fun to the kids, always have to be able to introduce the game into the lesson plans.      Our teachers make English easy and fun!

4. Start with one-year long contract. Teachers coming to long-term working are preferred. 



1. Native speakers only.

2. A Bachelor’s degree or above is required.

3. Proof of a clear criminal record required.

4. 120 hour-TEFL/TESOL certificate is required for teachers who have less than tow years working experience. The school will help you to get one if you don’t have it.

5. English language/Education majors are not needed to fulfill requirement number 4.

6. Experience with teaching children or related majors are preferred.

7. You have to take your job as a teacher seriously. We welcome teachers who are open to learning new teaching methods and sharing their ideas along with experience. You have to have an ability to prepare lesson plans for your classes.

8. Easy-going, motivated, creative personality are preferred.






1. Salary: 20000 - 22000 RMB (around 17200 - 18700 after the tax without apartment or 14200-15700 with apartment).

2. We offer “Perfect attendance bonus” (no lateness or absence) : 200RMB monthly, 1000 RMB bonus per semester, twice a year.

3. Upon completion of the contract there will be a 5000 RMB bonus.

4. A work visa and foreign expert certificate.

5. Airfare reimbursement from your country (within 8000 RMB).

6. Free TEFL certificate (you pay it before you start, and our school will reimburse it when you finish the contract).

7. Salary advance up 4000 RMB.

8. Free Chinese classes, 3 hours per week.

9. During February and August there are 3 to 4 weeks long holidays and you will be paid hourly for any work that you do. The standard fee is 150 RMB per hour.

10. Accident insurance for one year. We also provide medical reimbursement of 2000 RMB per year.

11. For renewing the contract there will be a raise of 2000 RMB per month.


Salary system


1. First year salary: 20000 - 22000 RMB + free Chinese classes + 500 RMB every year bonus + Accidental insurance + 2000 RMB medical reimbursement.

2. Second year salary: 2000 RMB salary raise.

3. Third year salary: 1000 RMB salary raise

4. After the third year every year salary will be raised 1000 RMB









Come and join us! We would love to work with you!