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Training schools for adults


Basic information

Our recruitment agency has been collaborating with a lot of training schools for adults all around China. We only collaborate with those training centres, that have a license to hire foreign teachers, so all of these institutions can provide work permit along with work visa for their employees. Training schools for adults can provide you with work not only inside of the schools but also organise workshops and training for different types of organisations. Since the main audience is adults aged 15 years and above, their goal is not just to learn English, but maybe to enter some foreign university or work abroad. So you will have to have skills of giving such knowledge that could be useful for these students to pass the exams or interview for achieving their goals.                                     



The salary here is usually lower than the salary in kindergartens and training centres for kids. So, usually, it can not exceed 13K-15K. Our agency will try to find you the best offer and with a much higher salary, but adults usually do not spend so much money on themselves as parents spend on their children, so that’s why there is such a difference in the wage. But anyway, schools will provide you with free housing or give you apartment allowance, free medical insurance and provide other benefits. Anyway, this salary is quite enough for living and even saving the money, since living expenses here in China are much lower than in Western countries. Moreover, if you plan to work in China for more than one year, your salary will be promoted. 


The interview

If the school is interested in you, they will appoint you an interview. In the interview, you will have to explain how you gonna manage your lessons and what tools you will use when teaching adults to English.     


Our partners

Here is the list of some of the schools we have been working with. 

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask. We will be happy to answer you. Just click here to contact us.


Meten Education



Royal International


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