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International schools


Basic information

“Career Bridge” has been cooperating with different international schools around China. All of our partners have a license to provide foreign teachers with work permit along with a work visa. International schools are becoming more and more popular here in China. Local Chinese children can enrol in these internationally-oriented schools, of which many offer bilingual learning and internationally-recognised qualifications. The international element  – such as an emphasis on English, another foreign language or well-funded arts programs – distinguishes these institutions from Chinese public schools. They are sometimes branded ‘Bilingual Schools’ or ‘Experimental Schools’. Some international schools in China are also offering lucrative ‘international streams’ that teach the national Chinese curriculum in both Chinese and English as an option to high school students.


The salary International schools provide to their teachers is usually the highest among other school types in China. The salary can reach up to 20K and even 25K + free housing and other benefits. But if you are applying to these schools, be ready to for  high competition.

The interview

If the school is interested in your position there as a teacher, they will appoint you an interview. After passing it, they will start to prepare contract for and you are agree on it, they will start arranging visa procedures.


If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask. We will be happy to answer you. Just click here to contact us.

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