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Basic information

 “Career Bridge” recruitment company has been collaborating with a lot of kindergartens all over China. We only collaborate with those kindergartens, that can provide work permit along with work visa. Usually, ages of students studying here are ranged among 3 to 5 years old. Working hours usually do not exceed 45 minutes per group. Students usually can learn up to 3 new words every lesson.



 Usually, the salary in kindergartens is ranged among 13K to 20K RMB depending on schedule the teacher takes and working experience the teacher has. The benefits package includes free housing or apartment allowance, medical insurance and back home flight tickets after one year of working is finished. If you work here for more than one year, the school usually could increase your salary.


The interview

If kindergarten’s managers are interested in you, they could appoint an interview with you. It’s a big possibility that they could also ask you to make demo class online, so you will have to show your skills how you would manage with students. You should be better be prepared for that. 


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask. Just click here to contact us.   

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