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    Our Services 

Visa support

We will support you with all of the procedures to get a work visa for you. Our professional staff has a big experience in terms of how to manage visa documents.  We will instruct you step by step on which documents to collect and also we will also help to get a work permit for you.  

 Pick-up services  

Our company always provides free pick up services for each of our teachers when they arrive in China. Just send us your flight details information and we will meet you holding the board with your name. We will carry your luggage and take you to your apartment. You will always have friends in China who will give you a hand!

Accommodation services

We help to negotiate with the school to provide free housing for you. The only expenses you have to cover are the utility bills (water, gas, electricity expenses etc.). If you don’t accept the apartment which was provided to you by the school, we can help you with searching and finding the most suitable apartment for you. In this case, the school will give you a housing allowance which will cover most of your renting fees. 

Helping with adaptation

We want to make your staying in China to be joyful and unforgettable. We will do everything to make you feel quite comfortable here. We want to make friends with you and be your support. We understand that your long-term impressions about China will depend on how will you spend your first days here, and therefore we do not want you to be disappointed or got some things wrong. That is why, as soon you arrive in China, we will help with everything to get used to new local life here. We will help you to buy local SIM-card for your cell phone, connect you to the Internet so you will be in touch with your friends and relatives back in your country, we will help you get acquainted with the neighbourhood you will be live in etc. We also organize some activities, gathering English teachers together, so you will make new friends here. If you want to learn the Chinese language, we will help you with Chinese courses. We will do everything to make you feel relaxed here and make China one of the best and unforgettable experiences of your life! 

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