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1. Cultural Encounter 

If you are looking for something new in your life, to experience a different way of life, to look at the world from another angle and if you want to touch the centuries-old ancient culture - you definitely have to come to China. Maybe your coming to China will even, to some extent, change you. Because a person who travels a lot and getting in touch with people all over the world, begins to look for something sublime and this pushes him to brilliant acts that can somewhat change not only his world but also the world of people around him. It is thanks to the travellers, that people from all over the world became more friendly to each other because of cultural exchange. So, having come here as an English teacher, you are, to some extent, becoming a goodwill ambassador.

2. Historical Heritage Centre

Perhaps you are such a person who loves history and really keen on unravelling some secrets of the millennium. In this case, China is an excellent choice. This country was able to preserve the primordial nature of its culture, and by having come into contact with this culture, you would seem to find yourself behind the wheel of a time machine and go back to the distant past when civilization had just started to emerge. Here are many museums where you can find artefacts of the past, go and explore Terracotta Army - one of the seven amazing wonders of the world. Meet the teachers who will teach you the centuries-old skill in the field of Shaolin, different types of Chinese calligraphy, which was born in the times of different Emperors' dynasties, find your nirvana, by getting to know the Taijiquan technique. All of this has been taken care of for centuries, and it may be available for you to explore.


3. This is a Paradise for Lovers To Eat Tastily

Chinese cuisine is very rich in variety. Every province of China has its own traditional foods with different tastes, and the variety of these foods in every province is very big. So you can be served with up to 100 different foods at one time. Just imagine you and your friends having a beautiful Chinese meal enjoying your life.       

4. I wanna be a rock-star!

The people in China are incredibly friendly and they will always treat you like an honoured guest in their country and even treat you like a star. 

5. Good Opportunity For Travellers

If you like to travel and experience different types of landscapes: observe wast deserts and enjoy looking at beautiful valleys or climb big mountains - you definitely have to come here, all of this you can meet in China, since its territory is very huge and you will have a lot of places to visit. Just search for “the most beautiful places in China” on the Internet, and you will see how many beautiful places does China have to visit.


6. Learn Chinese while teaching English... Why not?

Language environment is very important while learning a language. Teaching students English, you can learn Chinese from them at the same time. Moreover, you will have Chinese colleagues in your school who can also become good language partners for you. Our agency also can provide Chinese language courses for you if you want. Knowing foreign languages always give you a better job opportunity for the future.

So working in China could be also a good chance for you to obtain some extra knowledge. 



1. Teaching English is one of the most popular jobs in China 

Demand for English teachers is growing here day by day. The rapid growth of the Chinese economy in different aspects led to the fact that more and more Chinese people are starting to learn English, since this language one of the tools to communicate and integrate with the world. So nowadays not only major cities need English teachers, but also small towns require them as well. People of different ages, children and adults, they all need to learn English. Just because of it, a lot of schools are being opened here in China, and all of these schools urgently need foreign professionals whose English speaking level is Native.

So it could be you! 

2. Good salary + free housing 

English teacher is a well-paid occupation in China. The average salary is ranged between 13K-20K        (approx. $1800 - $2800). Maybe this kind of salary would be tricky in the U.S., Australia or in the UK, but in China, your money goes far - especially if your employer provides or subsidizes your accommodation as many will do. So you can feel very comfortable with the teacher’s salary here in China.

3. No hard requirements to get a work visa

You should have a bachelor degree, two-years working experience, or if you just graduated and still no have any working experience, so you should have TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate (one of these certificates). At this point, you can apply for a work visa in China as an English teacher.


If you think that you are fitted to come and work in China, you are always welcomed! Click here to contact us for more detailed information.

   Why choose China 

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